Enclave at Breckenridge Reviews

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I put in a request on my air and I’m assuming it got fixed the same day because it was back to normal. Erica was great in helping me to get the issue resolved. All of the staff is very helpful and I don’t think I could ask for a friendlier staff. They are always taking care of their people. The only negative thing I can say is the trash piles up and the furniture left piles up in front of the trash compactor. It’s like people who don’t live here are the ones dropping off their trash and furniture they don’t want.


Great apartments! The staff is really great too! On cold days, management at times will stand outside the front office with free coffee and doughnuts in the morning. All the reviews that are saying stuff like "they don't care" must have their head in the sand. They aren't the cheapest apartments out there, yes, but you get what you pay for. Community events, a pool and gym, gated campus, granite countertops, included kitchen appliances. It's hard to ask for more, honestly. My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. Sometimes, our neighbors are noisy (a complaint that I have seen a couple reviews mention), but guess what? YOU LIVE IN AN APARTMENT! Sharing a wall with another group of humans can be trying at times, but don't blame the business as a whole for your short fuse. We have and will continue to recommend The Enclave to friends and family. Way to go guys.


I am not sure what the bad reviews are about. It's an apartment complex there is gonna be a little noise but it's never anything unbearable. Our water gets too hot in the shower. (never an issue with cold water) We moved in and had a few issues with the dryer but it was resolved within a day of mentioning it to the office. The management is super friendly and supportive. I really enjoy the apartment I got.


Good complex for the price and a good location. They’ve taken care of my friends.👍🏻


This review is long overdue. I've lived at The Enclave for a year and a half now and I honestly have had a great experience here and expect that to continue for quite some time to come. The apartment layout of my one bedroom is perfect for my spouse and I. The living room is large and the bedroom isn't too cavernous. The I love the vinyl wood flooring and the kitchen counters are granite and I love the sink faucet with the adjustable nozzle. Another thing that sold me was that the tubs here weren't insanely shallow like I'd seen at other places. The closet space is extremely generous in the bedroom. Aside from the unit itself the staff here have been nothing short of kind and delightful. Dee and Vincent in the front office are always helpful when I stop in for anything I need, and take the time to chat with me a little. My interactions with Alicia and Renee have also been positive and they've been helpful to answer questions I had. George heading the maintenance team has to be the sweetest person I've seen. He always takes the time to talk to me and my husband and my dog and he has always taken care of the few maintenance issues we've had as quickly as possible. They also have pest control out weekly, so if the bugs come out in warmer seasons, you just let the office know and they'll come treat your unit. My neighbors are a mix of quiet or friendly when I run into them and I've never had any serious complaints. There are regular community events that the staff schedule for residents throughout the year which I love despite me not being super outgoing. No place is perfect, but The Enclave ticks all the most important boxes for me. If I had to pick something to hope to see improvement on, I'd love to see better upkeep on the trash and pet waste, either by educating the residents or trying to deter the rule breakers (there's always a few bad apples anywhere you go) . The compactor area could use seasonal pressure washing (maybe they do and I've never noticed). I also really miss the texts and emails where I used to live. They had Notifii which would send community emails and texts and send notifications about packages. We still have paper newsletters here which is great though; I always read them.


Today, I had an issue with maintenance and communication among staff within the office for the past week. I was very upset and confused about the information I was receiving. Finally, I spoke with Alisha ( the new property manger) and I felt understood and the problem will be resolved within a timely manner. I have lived here for almost 3 years with no complaints except recently. Sometimes miscommunication can happen but it how she resolved the issue in a manner of 20 minutes is why I am giving the enclave 5 stars.


This apartment complex is absolutely wonderful. I came here from a crappy apartment built in the 1940's with no updates since then. So to come into a new...


I feel inclined to review since it seems most reviews are horrible or really old and before the new management/renovation. I moved in right after the renovation. I have lived here 3 years, no big issues. My only complaint would be the trash situation(hince 4 stars) which I am suprised nobody mentioned. They only have one compactor and it is 90% of the time over flowing into the street and they 100% need to add at least one more compactor. No bug issues for me, staff is friendly and I think people may not know how to propely use the washer/dryer. Put it on a timed dry instead of regular dry cycle and no problems. It took me about 5 trys to get it right, now I love the washer/dryer combo. No real water issues, I seem to have endless hot water. I pay my rent on time and have no problems. I feel safe, apartment is clean, friendly staff just please get another trash compactor. Also quick shout out to Dee, she is always nice. I am in the office frequently picking up a package that the courier left at the office and I always feel bad they have to get up to get it but she always smiles anyway.


It's a very nice place to live